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Graham (Polly)Farmer
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Last 10 Matches
Round Competition Opposition K H D M T HO FF FA G B
Career Honours
2004Hall of Fame Inductee
2004Hall of Fame Legend
1969Fairest & Best (West Perth)
1969Simpson Medal (State Game) (Western Australia)
1961Fairest & Best (East Perth)
1960Sandover Medal (East Perth)
1960Fairest & Best (East Perth)
1959Simpson Medal (Grand Final) (East Perth)
1959Fairest & Best (East Perth)
1958Simpson Medal (State Game) (Western Australia)
1957Fairest & Best (East Perth)
1957Sandover Medal (East Perth)
1956Fairest & Best (East Perth)
1956Simpson Medal (State Game) (Western Australia)
1956Sandover Medal (East Perth)
1955Fairest & Best (East Perth)
1954Fairest & Best (East Perth)