About the Simpson Medal

The Simpson Medal, a prize for Australian rules football, has been donated by Dr. Fred Simpson and family since 1945. It is awarded to the best player in a WAFL Grand Final and the best player in an interstate game involving Western Australia. In recent years in interstate games, the medal has been awarded only to WA's best player as opposed to the overall best player.

Season Winner Club
2024Milan MurdockEast Fremantle
2024Milan MurdockEast Fremantle
2023Angus SchumacherEast Perth
2022Leigh KitchinSubiaco
2021Jye BoltonClaremont
2019Joshua DelucaSubiaco
2018Jye BoltonClaremont
2017Ben SaundersSouth Fremantle
2016Jye BoltonClaremont
2015Ryan DavisSwan Districts
2014Ashton HamsSouth Fremantle
2013Wayde TwomeySwan Districts
2012Paul JohnsonWestern Australia
2011Joshua SmithWestern Australia
2010Luke BlackwellWestern Australia
2009Brent LecrasWestern Australia
2008Ian RichardsonWestern Australia
2007Adam HayWestern Australia
2006Caine HayesWestern Australia
2005Matthew PriddisWestern Australia
2004Christopher BossongWestern Australia
2003Luke WebsterWestern Australia
2002Corey JohnsonWestern Australia
2000Brad CampbellWestern Australia
1999Rodney TregenzaWestern Australia
1998Dean IrvingWestern Australia
1997Jon DorotichWestern Australia
1996David SnowWestern Australia
1995Craig TrelevenWestern Australia
1994Paul SymmonsWestern Australia
1993Martin AtkinsWestern Australia
1991Brendon RetzlaffWestern Australia
1991Paul HardingWestern Australia
1990Benjamin AllanWestern Australia
1988Peter ThorneWestern Australia
1988Dwayne LambWestern Australia
1988Benjamin AllanWestern Australia
1986Bradley HardieWestern Australia
1984Bradley HardieWestern Australia
1983Stephen MichaelWestern Australia
1983Maurice RioliWestern Australia
1982Kevin TaylorWestern Australia
1981Gary BuckenaraWestern Australia
1981Simon BeasleyWestern Australia
1981Jim KrakouerWestern Australia
1977Graham MossWestern Australia
1975Stanley MagroWestern Australia
1974Ronald AlexanderWestern Australia
1973Peter FeatherbyWestern Australia
1972Kenneth McaullayWestern Australia
1970Allan StilesWestern Australia
1969Barry CableWestern Australia
1969Graham (Polly) FarmerWestern Australia
1967William (Bill) WalkerWestern Australia
1966John McintoshWestern Australia
1965Kevin MurrayWestern Australia
1965Bob SpargoWestern Australia
1964Derek ChadwickWestern Australia
1963Brian SarreWestern Australia
1962Ray SorrellWestern Australia
1962Roy HarperWestern Australia
1961Ray GabelichWestern Australia
1959John WattsWestern Australia
1958Graham (Polly) FarmerWestern Australia
1956Graham (Polly) FarmerWestern Australia
1954Keith HarperWestern Australia
1953Mervyn McintoshWestern Australia
1952Mervyn McintoshWestern Australia
1951Frederick ButtsworthWestern Australia
1950Gordon MaffinaWestern Australia
1949Stanley HealWestern Australia
1947Frank JenkinsSouth Fremantle
Grand Final Simpson Medalists
Season Winner Club
2023Milan MurdockEast Fremantle
2022Luke MeadowsWest Perth
2021Greg ClarkSubiaco
2020Jye BoltonClaremont
2019Ben SokolSubiaco
2018Kyal HorsleySubiaco
2017Luke RyanPeel Thunder
2016Connor BlakelyPeel Thunder
2015Matthew BolandSubiaco
2014Jason BristowSubiaco
2013Mark HutchingsWest Perth
2012Paul MedhurstClaremont
2011Beau MaisterClaremont
2010Andrew KrakouerSwan Districts
2009Ashton HamsSouth Fremantle
2008Christopher HallSubiaco
2007Bradley SmithSubiaco
2006Marc WebbSubiaco
2005Toby McgrathSouth Fremantle
2004Paul VinesSubiaco
2003Brent LecrasWest Perth
2002Ryan TurnbullEast Perth
2001Ryan TurnbullEast Perth
2000Dean CoxEast Perth
1999Christian KellyWest Perth
1998Adrian BromageEast Fremantle
1997David HynesSouth Fremantle
1996Todd RidleyClaremont
1995Darren HarrisWest Perth
1994Mark AmarantiEast Fremantle
1993Dale KickettClaremont
1992Clinton BrowningEast Fremantle
1991Dale KickettClaremont
1990Greg WalkerSwan Districts
1989Benjamin AllanClaremont
1988Mick LeeSubiaco
1987Peter ThorneClaremont
1986Mark ZanottiSubiaco
1985Brian TaylorSubiaco
1984Barry KimberleySwan Districts
1983Brad ShineSwan Districts
1982Graham MelroseSwan Districts
1981Gary ShawClaremont
1981Maurice RioliSouth Fremantle
1980Maurice RioliSouth Fremantle
1979Kevin TaylorEast Fremantle
1978Ian MillerEast Perth
1977Wim RosbenderPerth
1976Malcom DayPerth
1975Mel WhinnenWest Perth
1974David PrettyPerth
1974Gary GibelliniEast Fremantle
1973Dennis BlairSubiaco
1972Kenneth McaullayEast Perth
1971Shane SheridanWest Perth
1970Brian CiccotostoSouth Fremantle
1969William DempseyWest Perth
1968Barry CablePerth
1967Barry CablePerth
1966Barry CablePerth
1965Dave ImrieEast Fremantle
1964Norman RogersEast Fremantle
1963Kenneth BagleySwan Districts
1962Ray SorrellEast Fremantle
1961Keith SlaterSwan Districts
1960Timothy FoleyWest Perth
1959Graham (Polly) FarmerEast Perth
1958Ned BullEast Perth
1957Francis ConwayEast Fremantle
1956Anthony ParentichSouth Fremantle
1955Mervyn McintoshPerth
1954Charlie TysonSouth Fremantle
1953Stephen MarshSouth Fremantle
1952Des KellySouth Fremantle
1951Don PorterWest Perth
1950Clive LewingtonSouth Fremantle
1949Jack LarcombeWest Perth
1948David IngrahamSouth Fremantle
1947Eric ErikssonSouth Fremantle
1946John LoughridgeWest Perth
1945Alan EbbsEast Fremantle